How Sappy Love Stories Can Empower Your Brand

As she stood on the bow of the rushing Titanic with the wind blowing in her hair, Jack stood behind her as if to represent the confidence she desperately craved for herself. In a moment that would drive most people to panic, instead she proclaimed: “I am flying.”

Her reaction was not by accident. Jack started much earlier in the story to craft a superbly framed experience to allow her to see the world the way he wanted her to see it.

I grew up seeing the world through TV and movies, and found that many of iconic characters illustrate fundamentals about the quirks of audience behavior. I explored Rose and Jack, along with other classic movie and television characters on their feverish pursuits of love, in two recent talks—from our Nation’s capital to Seattle. 

Though each coast brings unique cultural aspects, the audiences—made up of communications and marketing managers, advocacy professionals and non-profit professionals—shared a similar objective: to make people care enough about their issue to take action. To get us closer to this objective, we set out to explore how to make people truly fall in love with our brands by creating strong brand advocates.

Why care about whether your audience LOVES you? 

Because it is better for business (or your issue). In a recent study by Google, we learn an eye-opening statistic that consumers choose the brands that engage them on their passions and interests 42% more often than those that simply urge them to buy the product being advertised. It’s about creating brand advocates.

Here are some things you can take away from my bi-coastal talk:

Let your audience know what to expect and deliver every time you communicate

If you are not sure what you stand for, this will come across in your communications. Just like a classic love story, the characters fall in love with other characters that have a consistent and attractive set of attributes. How can you fall in love with someone who changes all the time? Approach your brand the same way.

Create an irresistible experience (one that keeps them running back for more)

Know your audience and what they care about. Use this information to craft an experience that speaks to these interests and provides value to them. Make it a full experience that plays to factual and emotional sides of your audience. It is all about finesse and this is where you can build a stand-out brand.

Build the relationship with your brand advocates over a lifetime

Brand advocates are built over a lifetime, not just from one marketing campaign. Think about a strategy that uses all touch points together to create a strong relationship. At times the strategy may be fast with a lot of communication, and other times it may be slow and steady. This adds variety and depth. You tie it all together by maintaining consistency in messaging.

And, before I leave you, so what more can we learn from Rose and Jack? Well, you’ll have to come to my next talk to find out. xoxo


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