Friday August 24, 2018
Bethesda, MD

Component-Based Theming with Twig in Drupal 8

23 Aug
Bethesda, MD

Join Drupal Front End Developer Karen Kitchens and accessibility expert and designer Daniel Ferro as they go over Section 508 2.0 and how the updated accessibility law ties into your role as a Drupal developer or designer.

23 Aug
Bethesda, MD

How did we help two different organizations build innovative, interactive data visualizations to make impact in the public health sector?

24 Aug
Bethesda, MD

Join us as we walk through the theming variations that started with the traditional theme-centric design and has quickly moved into component-based design.

27 Aug
Orlando, FL

If you're attending the 2018 Community Health Institue (CHI) & EXPO, you don't want to miss this session!

21 Sep
Dallas, TX

Attending the Big Design conference in Dallas this year? Don't miss Courtney Clark's session!

10 Oct
San Francisco, CA

Successful digital campaigns create the buzz you need to get awareness about your mission. Join us for our Pre-Conference Workshop at ComNet18!

31 Dec

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