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Translating your WordPress site using a POT file

This is a quick guide on how to translate your WordPress site using a POT file and tools involved in the process.

What framework is used for translating WP?

Using the gettext translation framework, there are three files involved in translating your wordpress site.

WordPress 2.9: Custom Post Types Explained

WordPress 2.9 is ramping up support for custom post types. It's an improvement, but not nearly as exciting as you've probably been led to believe.

For starters, what is a custom post type in WordPress?

Pods: An Introspective on Software Development

Pods is a pet project that I've been working on for more than a year. It's purpose is to sit on top of WordPress and allow for users to create custom data structures, called content types. It's sort of like Drupal CCK, but for WordPress.

CodeWorks 09 DC

CodeWorks 09Thought I'd give a few overall impressions from CodeWorks DC while they're fresh in my mind.

DataMasher Wins!

In case you haven't gotten the news via Twitter or elsewhere, DataMasher won in a squeaker, over some very stiff competition from This We Know and GovPulse. I got to meet and talk shop with those developers and the developers behind the Visualization Prize winner, QuakeSpotter. They're all scarily smart and great people.

DataMasher: A Drupal-Based Data Visualization Tool


In creating Datamasher, Forum One's entry in the Sunlight Labs Apps for America 2 competition, we were faced with a challenge: how to take some of the data cataloged on the government's new website and make it more easily used and understood by average citizens.

Apps for America 2: Lessons Learned During Speedy Application Development!

Since many of us are involved in campaign-focused work that requires rapid turn-around, I wanted to share some lessons from a recent internal project we delivered in 4 weeks for the "Apps for America 2" contest.

(Our application, DataMasher, placed in the top 3 (out of 47), so by they way, I'd appreciate your vote so we can be pushed to #1.)

WordPress: Certain Widgets on Certain Pages

WordPress and Drupal are similar in a lot of ways. They're both extremely popular, powerful, and flexible frameworks. They both have minimal cores, but were built from the ground-up to handle tons of extensibility. Even though WordPress has been traditionally thought of as a blogging system, it's gradually shaping into a more refined, full-featured CMS.

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