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Launching a Collaboration or Content Management System: 8 Tricks for Adoption

So, you've decided to invest in a tool for collaboration and content management. Great! And you are ready to begin. Even better.

User adoption is tricky. Naturally, everyone tends to focus on the technical aspects that surround adoption: picking a solution that fulfills the list of user needs that have been identified. I assume most people start there because it is arguably the easiest part to grapple with; at least you can quantitatively evaluate and compare various solutions. But what about the people/social factors that influence adoption?

Strategy 101: Two Key Words for Your Next Requirements Effort

I had the displeasure of spending much of the evening reading one of the worst requirements documents I have had to wade through in some time. It wasn’t that it was poorly written (it was) or poorly organized (check). Its greatest crime was that those who had written it had clearly failed to utilize the two key words that have to be part of any requirements effort: “why?” and “no.” A Model Facebook Page, the federal web site that is officially charged with helping consumers make sense of the new health insurance landscape, was substantially improved this month.

Internet Strategy in a World of Ubiquitous Tools: Sometimes You Just Gotta Launch and Learn

Those of us who sell strategy services for a living tend to rely on the desire for measured approaches to big problems. This taps into deep-seated wisdom about how to manage large, complex situations: plan first, then execute. Heck, our language is littered with support for this view. "Look before you leap" is a cherished nugget. "His approach is 'ready, fire, aim'" is used as a criticism, as is "flying by the seat of one's pants." There is a deep desire to instill deliberation in the face of big efforts.

Web Metrics: How Do You Measure Up?

Cover of the Convio Online Nonprofit Benchmark StudySo you're tracking your web analytics, and your metrics are going up in all categories. Great! But have you ever wondered how you compare to other organizations?

Social Identity Applications: Manage Your Career Online

In 2009, "social media" became the conventional buzzword to replace "Web 2.0" as the most eye-roll-inducing term of the year. To be fair, social media captured a lot of what was finally maturing: photo sharing sites like Flickr, video sharing like YouTube, professional networks like LinkedIn, and of course getting friend requests from Grandma as Facebook went from avant garde to ubiquity.

South by Southwest: Laboratory for the Future?

Logo: South by Southwest Interactive 2010

I've been attending the South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SxSW) these past few days. It's my first time, and it's a lot to take in.

Everywhere you go, people are nose down in their laptops and phones: while in sessions, while walking down the halls, and while on the panels. Think of the geekiest person in your organization, and multiple them by over a 1,000. That's the average South by Southwest attendee.

7 Reasons Nonprofits Need iPads

Apple iPad

Apple's new iPad tablet computer has spawned some mixed reactions. Some over-hype it as "magical" and "transformative." Others have criticized its weight, lack of Flash support, or closed architecture.

User Experience: What Can Frank Lloyd Wright Teach Us?


I recently attended an inspiring, energetic event called UXCamp DC 2010 (#uxcampdc) with Jared Spool and a number of others who are completely passionate about the topic. Forum One was a sponsor, and several of my colleagues from our user experience and design team lead sessions on topics ranging from tips on quick and simple audience analysis to learn

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