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Internet Strategy

Social Media and Health Care (at SxSW)

E.R. 2.0As I blogged previously, I've been at South by Southwest Interactive these past few days. For me, one of the most valuable sessions was "E.R.

Prizes to Promote Open Government

We've written previously about the Obama Administration's Open Government Directive. Among other things, the Directive has led to a proliferation of innovative "ideas sites" across the federal agencies.

Another Inconvenient Truth: Organizational Dynamics and Their Impact on Open Gov

Here in the Washington area, the much-beleaguered local transit agency, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (a.k.a. Metro), has been running a sponsored message on the local NPR affiliate, WAMU. It goes something like, "... announcing new buses, new routes, and a new corporate culture based on responsibility." Now I am not trying to pile onto Metro, as this is clearly copy that came out of their PR shop, but the last bit always makes me laugh.

7 Reasons Nonprofits Need iPads

Apple iPad

Apple's new iPad tablet computer has spawned some mixed reactions. Some over-hype it as "magical" and "transformative." Others have criticized its weight, lack of Flash support, or closed architecture.

Recap: Social Media for Social Impact

This month, Forum One and Autodesk hosted a panel titled, "Social Media for Social Impact" during Social Media Week in San Francisco. We had the privilege of having four panelists who each told a story demonstrating how the social web had empowered communities around social causes.

Hackathons Aim to Improve Aid Distribution and Coordination in Haiti

Crisis camp
Crisis Camp DC participants work hard to develop applications and tools for relief workers in Haiti.

Earlier this week, I introduced a series of blog posts discussing the Good News Story in Haiti.

How We Use Twitter at Forum One

TwitterWe have described previously on this blog how Forum One approaches social media in general, as well as our experience with SlideShare and Scribd. In this post, we'll discuss the current glamour child of social media, Twitter.

Open Government: "Strategies and Tactics from the Playbook"

A number of federal agencies are experimenting with fascinating approaches to online public engagement, even in the absence of specific guidance about how they should approach such online opportunities.

Should Your Organization Use Scribd?

Many of our clients at Forum One produce large numbers of PDF documents (reports, studies, policy briefs) which then are placed in a "documents" section on their web sites. The challenge these organizations face is then making these documents as widely accessed as possible.

One way to increase attention to documents is to use Scribd, a third-party document sharing site (or in shorthand, "YouTube for documents"). We have had good luck at Forum One using Scribd for our clients.

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