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Aimee McLaughlin's picture
Aimee McLaughlin in Influence
5 May 2010
As a relative newbie here at Forum One, I wasn't sure what to expect when as I headed to my very first "unconference." The event, Participation Camp, was organized by volunteers recently and sponsored, in part, by Forum One. Participation, as we discussed it, relates to lowering the...
Zoe Hollister's picture
Zoe Hollister in Influence
22 Apr 2010
Ning, the leading free social media platform provider has recently lost not only its CEO, but also about 40 percent of its workforce. For its nearly 20 million monthly visitors, this means a rate increase. Freshly-appointed CEO Jason Rosenthal posted last week, Ning will now "double down...
Suzanne Rainey's picture
Suzanne Rainey in Influence
17 Apr 2010
I'm speaking this weekend at the Global Health & Innovation conference in New Haven, Conn. The event is sponsored by Unite for Sight, a dynamic young organization that has restored vision in nearly 32,000 people in developing countries. The audience will be a mix of students and...
Jim Cashel's picture
Jim Cashel in Influence
16 Mar 2010
We've written previously about the Obama Administration's Open Government Directive. Among other things, the Directive has led to a proliferation of innovative "ideas sites" across the federal agencies. Last week the White House issued a new memorandum titled "Guidance on the Use of...
Michaela Hackner's picture
Michaela Hackner in Influence
22 Jan 2010
Crisis Camp DC participants work hard to develop applications and tools for relief workers in Haiti. Earlier this week, I introduced a series of blog posts discussing the Good News Story in Haiti. I explained how technology and social media are playing a leading role in innovation in the aid...
Michaela Hackner's picture
Michaela Hackner in Influence
19 Jan 2010
President Obama sends his first "tweet" for the Red Cross at their headquarters Monday. Photo courtesy of the Red Cross. The images and stories coming out of Haiti are disturbing, upsetting, and unbelievably...
Chris Wolz's picture
Chris Wolz in Influence
26 Sep 2008
We've posted a proposed pilot project approach to "Jump-Start the Global Development Commons Content Ecosystem" to our global development Commons wiki. Our pilot project proposal describes how to get a model of the GDC up and running by selecting an interesting an valuable content/data...
David Strelneck in Influence
29 Jul 2008
In 1999, while reflecting on work we'd done for the US Environmental Protection Agency, some colleagues and I had an idea for a “project coordination web page” where project documents, a schedule, and staff contacts could easily be listed. Having worked with teams involving government...
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Chris Wolz in Influence
11 Jul 2008
I've seen some recent news about the huge rise in enrollment in online college classes concurrent with the rise in gasoline prices. The articles report students saying that rising gas prices are a big concern in their deciding to seek online courses. I think this shows the coming together of a few...
David Strelneck in Influence
5 May 2008
The Nature Conservancy today launched a major overhaul of ConserveOnline, supporting knowledge-flow and coordination between “conservation practitioners” around the world.  Free online demonstrations are scheduled throughout the week; contact Jonathan Adams for more...
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