Global Health with a Personal Touch

Population Services International


Operating in over 65 countries and influencing the lives of millions each year, Population Services International (PSI) is a global health organization focused on improving health and opportunities for people in the developing world.

Though known for its breadth of services, PSI came to Forum One because its website needed to present a singular identity: a unified and cohesive face for the organization.

Population Services International
Population Services International

A Global Mission Starts with One User Journey

With a mix of countries, programs, and missions, PSI and Forum One had to figure out how to fit everything into a common design, and how to move audiences while avoiding the typical fundraising jargon.

By precisely defining PSI’s goals during our discovery process, we designed the site around how its core audiences would interact with its content to understand PSI’s mission, feel inspired by its successes, and ultimately get involved in PSI’s important work.

Why Just Tell When You Can Show Something Amazing?

We designed a unified visual identity for the website that shifted focus away from PSI’s often overwhelming range of services and toward vivid and captivating examples of its real-world impact.

Our design team made creative use of the PSI field teams’ stunning collection of photographs to create a site design that brought the organization’s stories to life and inspire visitors to take action.

Population Services International
Population Services International
Population Services International

Good UX, Down to the Code

A complete redesign and development, we migrated from Drupal 6 to the WordPress CMS and engineered custom WordPress features to improve the site’s usability. Our developers created and applied custom plugins including FacetWP, Custom Post Types, and Custom Field Suite.

We also built the site on our own responsive, SASS-based theme, optimized for ease-of-use and accessibility.

P​SI needed a firm who understood the unique aspects of an international development organization, with complex messages and lots of information to communicate. The Forum One staff’s expertise and intellectual curiosity was essential to our project’s success.”

Margaret Cohen, Senior Manager, Online Fundraising & Engagement, PSI