Deepening Engagement with “Gold Standard” Education Data

Nation's Report Card

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), a U.S. Department of Education program, assesses students nationwide on reading and math performance. Each year, policymakers, education officials, and journalists await the NAEP results to measure progress and target improvement efforts.

Starting in 2012, Educational Testing Service (ETS) asked Forum One to join its team to design and build more engaging, interactive reports that make it easier to uncover, understand, and engage with the NAEP results. Forum One has completed multiple reports each year under the NAEP program, including the most recent Nation’s Report Card (NRC) in October 2015.

Nation's Report Card
Nation's Report Card
Nation's Report Card

Using Data Visualization to Tell Stories

For each report, Forum One works with a large team of stakeholders to identify the key stories in the data and present them in clear, compelling charts, data visualizations, and design treatments.

Using Backbone.js and D3 technologies, we create custom, interactive data visualizations and animations to illustrate trends. All reports are designed to be fully accessible, per Section 508 standards, and are responsively designed to the tablet level.

Putting Usability Testing at the Core

Every action we take is geared toward making the data straightforward and intuitive for users to explore.

We applied insights gained from usability testing to create visual sliding navigation that let users quickly find specific data, and also made it easier to browse the site’s numerous content sections.

Nation's Report Card
Nation's Report Card

Built for Speed Reading

The public is always eager to dig into these results, so we focused on making the data and design as clear and concise as possible to help users find detailed information and spot general trends.

Within hours -- and in some cases minutes -- of the 2015 NRC report going live just after midnight, journalists parsed our data to publish numerous stories across national and local media, including front page coverage in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post.

We are very impressed with Forum One’s work, especially Forum One’s ability to get going quickly, and its flexibility to adjust to change, when faced with some unexpected turns.

Robert Finnegan, Director of Reporting, ETS