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Cascade Bicycle Club

Cascade Bicycle Club is a Seattle-based nonprofit with 60,000 supporters, hundreds of volunteers, and thousands of activities each year aimed at creating a better community through bicycling.

With 12 different web properties, four databases, four different logins, tricky integrations, and lots of undocumented custom code – it was time for a serious tune-up. Cascade worked with Forum One as an integrated, Agile team to strengthen and simplify its digital presence with a full upgrade to one site with a single login.

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Planning Our Course

The stakes were high – 80% of Cascade’s annual income came through the website – so we planned a series of strategic, critical upgrades to address the highest priorities while keeping the system stable.

Our team set to work on an upgrade to the site’s eCommerce engine, reformatting and documenting 15,000 lines of CiviCRM custom code and business logic, and porting and refactoring custom modules to Drupal 7. In true Agile spirit, we deemed it the “ÜberSprint.”

Taking the Scenic Route

Once we fixed the technology, we overhauled the visual design and UX, including a full redesign of the user interface. We adapted Drupal modules like Fieldable Panels, Panes, Display Suite, Entity Reference, and Panelizer to bring order and clarity to the site’s content hierarchy and relationships. We also made the site design fully responsive to serve Cascade’s users on the go.

Steering Clear of Traffic Jams

Cascade processes over $3 million in annual eCommerce transactions, with spikes in activity for events like the “Seattle to Portland” bike ride. During peak registration times, the site handles up to 250 transactions per five minutes or 3,000 transactions per day with 1,200 concurrent logged-in users.

To handle these surges in activity, we conducted careful technology planning and server load testing before launch. Our effort paid off with the site holding steady at peak traffic – measuring over 1,022 simultaneous users and processing 156 orders in six minutes.

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"The Seattle Forum One team has totally blown away the Cascade staff with the phenomenal work, dedication, generosity, and tenacity that the new represents. We owe you the biggest thanks that a client could ever give."