Jeff Smith (Smitty)

Design Director

Jeff Smith (Smitty) has built an exciting career helping brands clarify their value and communicate the value in a visually compelling way. By specializing in building comprehensive brand strategies through visual identity, print and web design, his approach has empowered organizations to tell their own story. Clients value his strategic guidance on prioritizing key messages and creating strong visual systems. Without any specific superpowers (yet), he loves being able to play a role in motivating people and companies toward positive thinking, putting his skills and years of experience to work for good.

Smitty holds a BFA in Design from James Madison University and also attended Virginia Commonwealth University for 2 years before transferring to JMU. He obtained his licensure to teach after studying Art Education, but chose the design career path. Having been in the visual design field for 15+ years, he has worked on all types of projects for a wide range of clients, and enjoys challenges in new media and communications.

Favorite issues:

  • Community Development
  • Corporate Accountability

It may surprise you:

  • He has an identical twin brother
  • At great risk... he has never seen The Godfather

Can't live without:

  • Family, close and/or extended
  • Music, shaken and stirred