User Experience: Create the Journey

Our user experience team takes you through every step of the process to make each user’s journey one worth taking.

From audience analysis and interviews to full site architecture, we craft streamlined, thoughtful experiences that serve your specific users and reach your goals.

Designing the Experience of Your Service

Forum One will not only design the tools that your audiences use, but also the experience they have with your service or product. 

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Creating a Well-Structured Site

We can help you take stock of your content and create a clear site architecture.

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Audience Research

What is audience research? Why do you need it? Know your audiences to develop a strong, effective communications strategy.

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Validating a Successful Design

Usability testing provides us with real data and feedback that we can use to iterate upon the design to improve the overall experience of your site.

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Let’s Design An App!

Forum One’s UX designers have experience designing applications for a variety of purposes and functionalities.

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Putting Usability Testing at the Core

Applying usability testing insights to create visual sliding navigation that let users quickly find specific data and easily browse content.

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Bringing New Insight to a Global Fight

Reimagining how funding is being used around the world, to improve how countries work together to combat AIDS.

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A Massive Migration to a Better Experience

Consolidating eight websites into a single platform, the end result being a richer, responsive experience that works seamlessly on any device.

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