Managing and Visualizing Your Data

Data is one of the most effective and powerful ways to demonstrate your organization’s impact.

We also understand that your data likely needs help — whether it is the modernization of your intake and storage capabilities, the normalization and clean up of existing data, or crafting the stories your data tells.

Why should you care about data?

Data wins arguments. Data supports your mission. Most importantly, data gives your organization a powerful tool when communicating with your audiences. 

Data drives decisions. Globally, data is a central component of decision making on policy, focus areas and initiatives, and business decisions. It also drives behavioral decisions within your target audiences. Exposing data to your audiences in exciting, consumable and understandable formats will show them your organization’s impact and why they should choose you. 

Data tells a story. Everyone likes a good story. When your story can be illustrated and supported by the actual results of your work, it makes it more powerful, engaging, and credible. Nothing is more impactful for your audiences than being able to correlate your organization’s efforts and initiatives with real world impact. 

Data improves transparency. Transparency is an important focus for all data driven organizations. In this digital age, your audiences expect your organization to provide and maintain access to up to date and accurate data.

We love data. We can help with yours. 

Forum One will help you make sense of your raw data, modernize your intake and storage solutions, and create compelling narratives based on your data. From setting up central platforms to aggregate, transform and analyze your data to helping you determine the appropriate format to communicate your data, we are your data partner. Forum One works with you on your data-driven programs and projects so that you can create real world impact. 

Data Management. We help your programs and projects setup central platforms to aggregate, transform, and analyze data, making it easier for you to produce real world impact. 

Data Applications. Engaged audiences love data. We can help you create web based, data-centric applications to let users explore, filter, find and manipulate the data they need to get their work done.  Using open source technology combined with user-centric approaches to design, we build data applications that speak to your key audiences, and put your data to work.

Data Visualization & Storytelling. If a picture is a worth a thousands words, then a well visualized data story is worth a million. From creative campaigns focused on data, to rich interactive online reports, we help your ideas get the attention they deserve through strategic, interactive UX and design.

GIS, Mapping, and GeoSpatial. Geography is the universal connector of data to the real world. We build interactive mapping applications for policy focused impacts in health, education, environment and other important global issues. 

Don’t just take our word for it.

Forum One has worked with dozens of organizations to unlock their data and help them leverage it to communicate with their audiences and move the needle with their organizational efforts and initiatives. Check out some of our case studies, such as the data work we've done with:

We are a data-driven organization and we’re excited about how that improves the work we do for our clients. Find out why you should be excited about data and how it can help your organization, too.  

Create impact from your data

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