Creating Impact: Do Your Communications Efforts Measure Up?

In the for-profit world, measuring the impact of communications and marketing departments is by no means an insignificant task; however, it is fairly straightforward. All of the key metrics – leads generated, products sold, customer loyalty – are ultimately in service of maximizing revenue and profit.

In the nonprofit realm, the clarity in knowing exactly what you are trying to achieve, and being able to reliably measure your performance against these goals, is much more challenging. How are you creating impact? Which of your communications activities are providing you with the greatest success?

The Survey

The following Forum One survey is intended to shed light on how nonprofit professionals define and measure the success of their communications efforts. The results and findings of the survey will be shared with all respondents and the broader nonprofit community.

The goal is that the survey findings serve as a practical reference tool for nonprofits as they continue to develop their communications strategies.

Thank you - the survey has now closed. Stay tuned for results!

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