United States Creates: Make Your Work Matter

11 Jul
Join Us
Tuesday July 11, 2017
8.30am - 12.00pm
1110 Vermont Avenue NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC, 20005

An Event for Government Designers, Thinkers, and Doers 

Innovation, Design and Creativity for All!

What are you doing to keep government work in the digital space creative, empowering, and exciting? Join your fellow Feds at United States Creates, a half-day event hosted and facilitated by Forum One. 

United States Creates will feature work done by some of the best minds in government design through powerful keynotes, networking and peer-to-peer discussions, as well as roundtable working sessions focused on solving real problems faced by real creatives in the federal space. 

Government work is important, and we believe that important doesn’t mean boring. Spend half-a-day the right way.

The event format and schedule

8.30-9:00am             Actually-fun networking activity over breakfast

9.00-9:10am             Welcome

9:10-9:40am             Morning Talk with Peace Corps: Out of Many, One
How the Peace Corps has empowered content creators across the world to communicate a shared vision
Featuring Kelley Gallagher, Digital Content & Training Specialist, Peace Corps

9:40-9:45am             Break

9:45-10:20am           A conversation with National Endowment for the Humanities
Featuring Jesse Moss, Digital Communications Strategist, National Endowment for the Humanities

10:20-11:20am         Breakout Chats: Creativity, Innovation & Design For All
Get the chance to get into detailed chats about very specific topics, such as reaching your audiences, where design trends are going, gaining buy-in, etc. 

11:20-11:50am         Big Takeaways from Chats


Why did we start United States Creates?

Forum One is a digital agency helping government and nonprofit organizations to extend their influence. When a group of us got to thinking, we realized that the best way to get federal workers to share stories and successes of creativity in the fed workspace is to get them in the same room. Thus, United States Creates was born!

Convince Your Boss You Need to Go!

Having trouble tearing yourself away from your work to attend United States Creates on July 11? Maybe your boss needs to know how this will contribute to your work. We’re here to help. Here are the five reasons that you should attend United States Creates:

  1. We will address issues your boss cares about: Maybe you have too many social channels, too many stakeholders, or too many restrictions around your design. We will lead discussions on how to think outside the box and work toward overcoming these challenges.
  2. Your time is valuable, and we will help you use it wisely: We know your work is important, which is why we are packing insight into each part of this half-day conference. Not a moment will be wasted, and you will leave with tips on how to make your days more efficient.
  3. This is all about design in Government: We know that government managers love to ask “But is it relevant to government work?”  This event is focused exclusively on government design! We are bringing together some of the most innovative thinkers in government, like the Peace Corps and National Endowment for the Humanities, to talk about how they tackle hard issues.
  4. You’ll think differently about your work: Our table-top discussions and leading voices will help you think about different ways to approach your work by working toward common goals shared by you and your team.
  5. It’s free!: Did we mention that you will get all this insight at no cost to you or your agency? Sounds like a deal to us.

Now skedaddle down the hall or open up a new email and let your boss know about all the great benefits of attending this conference. We look forward to seeing your faces and hearing your voices at United States Creates!

United States Creates