Creative+Data: Increase the Impact of Your Data Sets

27 Sep
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Tuesday September 27, 2016
1110 Vermont Ave NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC


Is data a critical piece of content for your organization? Are you presenting it and sharing it, but thinking you could do better? Data visualization is an important part of many communications strategies, and we will show you how to mix necessary data rigor with a creative approach to achieve engaging end products.

As a follow-up to our webinar, Data and Design: Learning the D’s of Visualization, this workshop will explore the ways that creative frameworks and techniques can increase the impact of your data visualizations and infographics. At the same time, we’ll explore ways that existing data practices and conventions provide structure to guide your work.

The workshop is aimed at communications professionals, organizational leaders, designers of various kinds, and even researchers and other data producers.

Our experts, Tim Shaw and Corey Jones, will:

  • Help you focus on the goals and audiences of your data work, and what you are hoping to accomplish with it.
  • Look for stories in simple, aggregated data (we will not be getting into true data science work) in order to know what can you say.
  • Use structures and creative approaches to plan visualizations of model data sets, so that you can present your data in a way that achieves your organization’s goals

The session will be hands on, but you don’t need to be a numbers person or a visual designer. We are focusing on ideas and ways to engage. Be ready to explore and have fun!


Corey Jones, Art Director
Corey specializes in branding and interactive design at Forum One and also has a specific interest in UX design. He graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic design. Corey is also well-versed in illustration and content management.

Tim Shaw, User Experience Design Manager
Tim develops executive-level digital and user experience strategies and then guides their implementation through detailed information architecture and content strategy work. He is an avid sketcher of navigation approaches and is particularly focused on leveraging information architecture and analytics data to drive design optimization.