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Mike Madison


Project Director

Mike is one of the few people on the planet with fond memories of LAX. Growing up in Los Angeles, he would go to the airport whenever he could to see planes land and take off, along the way learning to identify airlines by the tails that he could see from the airport roadway. That exposure to the larger world, he says, influenced the news he follows, the things he reads, and the type of work he does. Simply put, "I like knowing that we're working on cool projects that matter. And I really like it when our work reaches people and issues overseas."

As a project director at Forum One, Mike applies that vision to what he does every day. He ensures project teams are properly supported to conceptualize and deliver results-driven, tailored solutions for a wide range of clients. He builds on his experience assisting clients across the government, public policy, and social service sectors, having provided counsel for a wide range of strategy projects, as well as management of content and data migrations, requirements analysis, and content development.

As a political organizer at Common Cause, Mike realized the potential of the internet to recruit, train, and connect with activists. He managed several advocacy and list-building campaigns, with a focus on strategy, integration of offline and online communications, and joint partnerships. Since then, he has merged his interest in advocacy and organizing with solid experience in managing the development of online strategies and projects. Prior to joining Forum One in 2006, he worked for CTSG/Kintera, a company specializing in the development of enterprise-level software for nonprofit, association, and public advocacy organizations.

Mike was born in East Los Angeles and lived in several neighborhoods around the city. He graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in political science and international relations

You may not know: One of his most memorable trips was to Mount Nemrut in southeastern Turkey.

His RSS feeds include: News, Lonely Planet, and tech blogs

His tags: Animal lover, Explorer, Foodie, Geek, Photographer, Strategist, World traveler, Writer/Editor



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