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Keenan Holloway


Senior Developer

Keenan has always had a healthy obsession with knowing how things work from start to finish. This obsesssion eventually grew into a career in web development. As a senior developer Keenan gives vital advice on technical solutions for our clients. He contributes to all aspects of project development including code development, information architecture, and functional requirements definition.

Keenan has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Tuskegee University. He participated in a study abroad program in Khartoum, Sudan where he attended a local secondary school and gained fluency in Arabic. He contributes his study abroad as one his most profound and formative life experiences.Through online classes, Keenan, still maintains an elementary level of Arabic in speaking and writing and would go back in a heartbeat to revisit his memories of the open-hearted people, desert environment and amazing foods.

Before coming to Forum One, Keenan had a primary development and design role in many high profile site launches for the Washington D.C. Government Portal including, The Executive Office of the Mayor, D.C. government agencies like OSSE, DDOT, DDOE, and many others.

As a Washington D.C. native, Keenan is able to find plenty of activities outside the office including building race cars, Auto-X, biking and skateboarding. Keenan also has an interest in photography and displays some of his pictures and smaller web projects on this site,

Animal lover, Artist, Designer, Environmentalist, Explorer, Gamer, Idea Generator, Parent, Photographer, Programmer, Scientist, Techy/Tech Guru, Volunteer, World Traveler

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