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LegiStalker: Getting People Engaged with Congress

There's a lot of people out there wanting to keep up with Congress.

Many people just want to know what their representatives are doing in Congress, how they're voting, and who they're interacting with. Unfortunately, that's pretty hard to find, especially from several different angles.

We at Forum One felt that exposing this information was a pretty good idea, so we ran with it. The final result is the site LegiStalker.

Drupal: Restrict a Block to User's Buddies in Panels

The code below can be used to hide blocks displayed on a Panel page. I think we tried doing this with PHP block visibility but couldn't quite get it to work. Luckily, panels provides the hook_panels_panel_content_alter() for each block/content type you have in a container. The code below is an example of using the hook to display certain blocks only if the logged in user is a buddy of the user whose profile is displayed.

Drupal: Create a Block to Display a User's Organic Groups

I was a bit surprised that, at least in D6, the organic groups module doesn't supply a block to show a user's group memberships. We had to display such a block on a client site recently and defined the box ourself. First, define a new block via hook_block():

Did You Know Internet Explorer 6 Limits How Many Stylesheets are Loaded?

I ran into this particularly pesky limitation on a recent project and, as in all IE6 related matters, became intensely irritated and angry. It turns out, that for both IE6 and IE7, only the first 30 <style></style> and < link type="text/css" ... /> are parsed. On Drupal, you can easily reach this limit between the core style sheets, module contributed style sheets, and your own theme's stylesheet.

Themeing Drupal Teaser Views

Using Drupal's Views module, You have created a View that aggregates the Teasers for some collection of nodes, that is the type of view is set to Teasers. You want to them the teasers, but there are two stumbling blocks. Currently (8/7/08), the theme wizard for views only generates the code to theme views of type List. Also, in Drupal 5, Teaser and Full Node views do not pass on to your theming function the values of the fields that you have defined in your view. The latter, I would consider a bug.

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