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Two Cheers for Drupal

We’ve been an open source shop for over 15 years, and a Drupal shop for the past five. This month, we’re expanding our support for the Drupal community in two important ways.

First, we’re excited to announce that Forum One is now a Premium Supporting Partner of the Drupal Association. The Drupal Association is the nonprofit organization that works to foster and support the Drupal software project, the community and its growth. The association ensures that the Drupal project flourishes and remains free software for anyone to download. They also provide support and convenings for the community of over 600,000 users and developers. 

We love Drupal and how it empowers our clients to make a difference in the world. After building nearly 200 sites in Drupal we are dedicated to using the CMS and making it work more effectively for our clients. Our membership is a demonstration of our support and commitment for its long-term growth. 

Second, we are Platinum sponsors of the 2013 CapitalCamp DC on July 26-27. CapitalCamp is the largest Drupal regional event in the DC area, and we are pleased to be sponsoring and helping to organize once again.

At CapitalCamp, we will be delivering three sessions:

CapitalCamp is great opportunity to learn, network, and code. It is also a lot of fun. Therefore, we are co-sponsoring the CapitalCamp Happy Hour on Friday, July 26 at 4:30. Please join us!

We’re looking forward to meeting more Drupal fans at CapitalCamp and through our new Drupal association partnership.