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The Story of the ONE Blog

ONE BraceletIt's time to meet Ginny Simmons, a speaker at Forum One's seminar next week, Blogging and Policy Organizations.

In previous posts, I've previewed our other three speakers: Time's Christine Gorman, Education Sector's Kevin Carey, and Michael Edson of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Ginny is the lead blogger for the ONE Blog, which is the blog for the ONE Campaign. We've all seen the white bracelet adorning celebrities' wrists in TV ads, on bus signs, and on talk shows. Behind the bracelet is a growing network of connected activists, working together to spread a salient policy idea: One percent of the U.S. Budget for fighting global AIDS and extreme poverty.

The ONE blog is one of the threads that ties these activist to this policy idea. But when veteran blogger Ginny joined ONE as its Online Organizing Coordinator in 2006, there wasn't much enthusiasm for the blog. Many felt that it was too time consuming and frought with risk.

Today, it's a key component of ONE's efforts. At our event, Ginny is going to tell us how this transformation happened. It's an interesting story loaded with many practical lessons.