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Podcasts of Web Executive Seminars Now Available

Podcast iconSince last fall, we've been sharing all of our Web Executive Seminars presentations on We now have 26 and counting! These "slidecasts" include the presenters PowerPoint or Keynote slides with synchronized audio. It takes a fair amount of time to prep the slides for upload, edit the audio into individual speaker segments, and match the audio with the slide transitions. We're doing it because we know that many people can't make it to the session in person due to time or distance.

We also feel that these presentations are an important contribution to the nonprofit tech community. And while there's no substitute for attending a seminar in person, these slidecasts expand the reach of our speaker's ideas. We also realize that not everyone has time to sit at their computer and watch a slideshow for 15-20 minutes. So, I'm pleased to share that we're also distributing the audio of our sessions via podcast. This makes it easy for you to listen to the presentations wherever you go -- in your car, on a plane, or even at the gym. You subscribe to our podcast via either of the following URLs. The first one is specifically for iTunes, the second one is for any other software that subscribes to podcasts:

Once you subscribe, you'll have access to audio from nearly 30 speakers, and we'll be rolling out the audio for our remaining May speakers over the next few weeks. So subscribe now and check the channel frequently. And let us know how you like this service via the comments below. And of course, it's not to early to sign up for our next seminar, Policy Data Mixups and Mashups.

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