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NTEN Conference Wiki

We're certainly starting to see and hear the term Wiki in the NGO community more and more. A few days ago the organizers of the annual NTEN Conference set one up to gather attendee input on the event. In the days leading upto, during, and after the event anyone can post their 2 cents. The intent is to get people engaged:
We hope that what emerges from this wiki is a complete documentation of every aspect of this conference - all the hallway conversations, session presentations, and all the fun. And we hope you'll keep the conversations that are started here going long after the conference.
That's a pretty tall order to fill through spontaneous, unorganized sharing; and it's one that will need some real discussion seeding to be effective. So, to get things rolling, I've created a few wiki pages for the sessions that involve Forum One staff. Please drop us your comments on our sessions here: nptech