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Leveraging Web 2.0 Technologies for Earth Day 2010

Logo: Billion Acts of Green

There was a flurry of news and activity surrounding the climate change talks in Copenhagen, Denmark last month. For us, one of the more exciting byproducts of this monumental event was the unveiling of, a web site we helped design, build, and launch for our friends at the Earth Day Network (EDN). The site was a major achievement for our development team who implemented the solution in less than two weeks.

EDN launched the site in support of its Billion Acts campaign, which seeks to secure a billion environmental service commitments from individuals and organizations. The web site serves as a repository for such commitments and highlights the importance of an individual's role in safeguarding the world's environmental well-being. The site also fully integrates with Twitter and Facebook accounts, which amplifies the impact of the user community.

The goal of is to encourage individuals, students, and young adults to make small changes in their homes, offices, and lifestyles that together produce a major collective impact. The site therefore enables visitors to register their "acts of green" on the site and then displays their commitments alongside those of others. The total number of acts submitted to date is tracked and presented in a prominent place on the web site. This sends a powerful message that people from all walks of life are taking steps toward a more sustainable future. The site appears to be working — over five million acts have already been registered.

The project is only a prelude of bigger things to come. Forum One currently is working with EDN to launch a custom online environmental community for Earth Day 2010 participants. The site will expand on the functionality developed for the Billion Acts of Green site and provide an important opportunity for people, corporations, and policy makers to come together to create a green economy.

Once completed, Forum One will embark on the development of a number of other EDN web properties, including a redesigned organization site.

In the months ahead, we encourage you to help make Earth Day 2010 the next international environmental milestone — a day that will be remembered by future generations as an enormous step toward climate change by submitting your own environmental service pledge at We also ask that you visit EDN's web site for more ways you can join the one of their other impactful campaigns.