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Infographic: Insuring Those Who Served

Organizations are always looking for more effective ways to distill and distribute complex reports as digestible chunks. For example, for the past five years we've been working with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to increase the impact of their researchers' rich analysis on health insurance coverage.

Last week, we received a draft of a compelling new RWJF report analyzing the state of health insurance coverage among U.S. veterans. The report isn't long, as reports go. Yet with appendices and endnotes, it runs 17 pages. Even the summary is 300 words — too long to tweet.

We wondered how we could increase the impact of the critical findings of this report and get the facts before more people? Plus, what could we do in time for Memorial Day when veteran concerns are on the forefront of people's minds?

Ah, an infographic. We produced the following infographic under five business days. The concept was conceived and sketched by Courtney Clark with design execution by Malcolm Jones. This Memorial Day, we hope it will inspire you to share, discuss, and explore the full report.



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