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Haiti Earthquake Relief - Some Notes on How to Support

In the days following the disaster in Haiti, we have seen a remarkable number of people, organizations, and projects spring to action to support relief efforts. Here are some links and information on the various initiatives helping to deliver aid to Haiti:

  • Partners in Health has been doing important health work in Haiti for years, and is now engaged in relief efforts.
  • Global Giving provides an online portal for donations to several relief organizations now working in Haiti.
  • "Liquidnet for Good", on GlobalGiving, is matching public donations to Haiti relief up to a total of $25,000.
  • Mobile: You can give $10 immediately to the Red Cross via your cell phone: 'Text "HAITI" To "90999", and your phone account will be billed.
  • Some of the other relief organizations working in Haiti include: Yéle Haiti, Red Cross, CARE, Doctors Without Borders, and Oxfam America.

Forum One is offering ProjectSpaces, an online tool for team collaboration and management, for free to anyone working on Haiti relief efforts. Email us at

Pitching in
Crisis Camp: this Saturday, January 16, in Washington, DC. CrisisCamp will bring together volunteers to collaborate on technology projects which aim to assist in Haiti's relief efforts by providing data, information, maps, and technical assistance to NGOs, relief agencies, and the public. This event is free and open to the anyone - you don't have to be a technical expert to volunteer your time.

Tracking News about Haiti Relief: