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GovTech Reports on Drupal Adoption

With over 150 federal government sites powered by Drupal, the open-source CMS is more than ever meeting the needs of big sites., a top source of government IT news, reported today on the many new government sites that are confidently adopting Drupal as their CMS. Agencies have overcome concerns about security, integration, and departure from Microsoft products. They are now realizing that Drupal’s flexibility make it the most cost-effective solution.

Our own CTO, Kurt Voelker, was quoted in the article:

“Government agencies are in the business of serving the public. With open source in general, and Drupal in particular, agencies are able to achieve a bigger public benefit from a single investment,” said Kurt Voelker, CTO of Forum One Communications, the vendor behind a Drupal build for the International Programs Center of the U.S. Census Bureau and a recently awarded three-year Drupal project for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “With Drupal, agencies can share and reuse code, reducing labor costs, and drastically accelerate the pace with which every agency can innovate.”

Drupal is a proven solution that is being leveraged at the federal, state, and local levels to address key challenges in government. Drupal’s ability to integrate with proprietary systems and third-party solutions makes it an easier solution to transition to. Government also appreciates that it can be easily customized without changing core code.

The GovTech article cites the White House and the Georgia Technology Authority as just a few examples among many that have embraced Drupal.

The outlook for Drupal is positive, considering its tremendous growth within the public sector. “Just look at the White House and now the state of Georgia,” said Forum One’s Voelker. “Once a technology starts making those kinds of inroads, you’re looking at a time horizon of half a decade, at least.”

You can read Why Big Sites Run Drupal in full at You can see a list of U.S. government sites running Drupal at