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Forum One "Here for Good" Campaign Honored with Top Award

Tracey Breese, Laura Kisailus, and Jenelle Eli pose with their OMMA Award
Forum One's Tracey Breese (left) and Laura Kisailus (center) pose with Jenelle Eli of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

I’m excited to share that Forum One’s marketing campaign for the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) was honored at the OMMA Awards last night as the best “Integrated Online Campaign” in the charities and nonprofits category.

The awards, which are organized by MediaPost’s Online Media and Marketing Association, celebrate the year's best in online media, marketing and advertising. Winners were announced during MediaPost’s OMMA Awards Reception at the OMMA Global New York Conference and Expo.

Our campaign edged out finalists from other prominent organizations including campaigns for the Salvation Army and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

USCRI hired Forum One in hopes of using social marketing to advance their work in supporting human rights. The campaign was designed to raise their organization’s profile, gain media exposure, tell stories, establish thought leadership, and boost donations.

The campaign represented unchartered territory for the 102-­year-­old non-­governmental organization. Their staff expressed a keen interest in exploring more modern media and design techniques.

I served as the campaign’s creative director alongside a talented team that included Michael Rader, Tracey Breese, Michael Swingler and Jenelle Eli of USCRI.

We knew that in order to engage audiences and change opinions, we’d need compelling content that would spawn rapid social sharing. Previously, USCRI depended on long- form textual content to share their narrative across channels, often using “inside-the-­Beltway” jargon.

We developed a concept map, which was later used to uncover a wealth of compelling stories, crafting an over­arching narrative for the organization, helping them humanize one of the most controversial political issues of our time.

The resulting campaign, “Here for Good,” blended brand, content, and technology to portray the pursuit of the American Dream as a shared aspiration of the Founding Fathers as well as today’s newest Americans.

One of our primary goals was to improve USCRI’s Facebook Edgerank score to bolster engagement by way of likes, comments, and shares. Through an editorial calendar and weekly brainstorming sessions, we created five weeks of thematically-­linked content. These themes included “American Ideals,” “Humanitarian Stories,” “Immigration Stories” (from USCRI donors), “Common Myths and Facts,” and “USCRI’s Programs.”

Themes were deployed over successive weeks – each showcasing a unique mix of Facebook cover photos, picture posts, and accompanying copy.

The other half of the content was curated from sources, six field offices, and their existing repository of relevant images. We also crowd-­sourced content on the National Mall in Washington, DC. We captured and distributed immigration stories from tourists visiting the capital using Tout, a video social network.

The campaign resulted in massive growth over its five week run. During the period, we drove 258,929 impressions, reached 39,816 unique users resulting in 12,569 interactions with the content – triple digit growth. Additionally, we measured double-­digit growth in online donations and email subscriptions.

Our crowd-­sourcing experiment was a hit and allowed us to capture over 30 heart-­warming immigration video stories from more than 20 countries in only two hours. Tourists to our nation’s capital were extremely eager to share their sentimental stories of their recent or distant ancestors’ travels to the United States in search of a better life.

The award is a terrific testament to our marketing efforts and the important work USCRI is doing to help immigrants become full and complete members of the American community.

The United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) – a 102-­year-­old non-­governmental organization – has helped millions of refugees and immigrants attain economic self-­sufficiency in the United States. Through its national network, USCRI works in all 50 states to create lasting change and put human faces on issues like immigration reform, human trafficking, refugee rescue and resettlement, and the protection of civil liberties. Learn more at

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