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A Beautiful Day in Our Neighborhood

Photo of exterior of Forum One's buildingThe Alexandria Times, our local neighborhood paper, included a nice mention of Forum One in their August 7-13 issue. The article, High Tech Here at Home, points out that our little neighborhood of Del Ray is home to a number of high tech firms. Del Ray is the area of north of Old Town Alexandria where we've owned our building since 2000. As per the Alex Times story:

The neighborhood is also home to Forum One Communications, which plans and develops Web sites for nonprofit and public organizations. The company, with about 35 employees, was founded 12 years ago by graduates of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Forum One quickly attracted a broad base of prestigious clients, including the African Wildlife Foundation, the EPA and the American Academy of Pediatrics, for whom the company develops informative and interesting Web sites. Andrew Cohen, a project director, said that he is happy the firm operates in Del Ray. "We enjoy the nice mix of residential and businesses on Mount Vernon Ave.," he said. “We feel like we're part of a community here."

He didn't put this in the article, but I also told the reporter that when you visit nearby businesses you frequently meet workers and patrons who know someone on our staff. A number of our staff live right here in the neighborhood and walk to work. It's a good place to live and make one's livelihood.