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User Experience & Design

Andrew Cohen's picture
Andrew Cohen in User Experience and Design
8 Apr 2014
Just over a year ago, we released our secret recipe for responsive web design to Drupal chefs. Now, we are back with an updated cookbook in the form of a revised white paper and a blog post laden with even MORE cooking metaphors. As you probably know, responsive design has become the most popular...
Autumn Rose's picture
Autumn Rose in User Experience and Design
20 Mar 2014
If you've been managing a site for years, you probably have a strong understanding of what’s working and what’s not...or do you? Having been a web manager at a major nonprofit for many years, I know firsthand how easy it is to get wrapped up in individual feedback and internal...
Malcolm Jones's picture
Malcolm Jones in User Experience and Design
5 Feb 2014
The past year has been a time of exciting growth and opportunity for our Interactive Design practice at Forum One. We grew our headcount by three (Michael, Marina, and Daniel) and continue to partner with mission-driven clients that are out there to change the world. As we’ve reflected on the...
John Schneider in User Experience and Design
2 Oct 2013
Somewhere in the world a design project starts: Requirements are gathered...stakeholders interviewed...audiences identified. Depending on your organization, there might even be interactive workshops to tease out useful information in the phase we at Forum One call Discovery. Content, Oh Right...
Lauren Budorick's picture
Lauren Budorick in User Experience and Design
9 Sep 2013
Over the last few years mega menus have come into increasing popularity, but in the process they’ve ignited some controversy within the design community. Mega menus are large navigation panels that typically drop down or fly out from a global nav bar. While they certainly aren’t...
Brian Verhoeven's picture
Brian Verhoeven in User Experience and Design
9 Aug 2013
Fast effective prototyping is imperative to making any new web product. Proty is a Forum One designed interactive wireframing tool that can be fully customized for designers. In this screencast of a Proty prototype I have provided a quick demonstration of how to: change the view in your...
Malcolm Jones's picture
Malcolm Jones in User Experience and Design
23 Jul 2013
“Make the logo bigger. While you’re at it, can you make the whole design more blue? And why does the page have to be so long? What about the fold?” Interactive designers get feedback like this and it has frustrated us to no end. A novice reaction is to just say, “Oh, they...
Brian Verhoeven's picture
Brian Verhoeven in User Experience and Design
17 Jun 2013
This year has been filled with fascinating articles in the news that bring attention to photo manipulation. A rather benign example occurred during the reporting of the Oscars. Take a close look at the photos below. Do you remember which dress the FLOTUS actually wore? Photocredit: Getty Images,...
Corey Lafferty's picture
Corey Lafferty in User Experience and Design
21 May 2013
We have great news! Forum One just made a bunch of updates to our responsive prototyping tool, Proty, to make it even easier for you to explore solutions to your digital communication challenges. The new version of the Proty HTML prototyping Firefox extension has been released. This version...
Michaela Hackner's picture
Michaela Hackner in User Experience and Design
20 Mar 2013
Project Director Michaela Hackner often, blogs, speaks, and presents on content strategy. The Nonprofit Technology Network originally published this post, co-authored by project manager Leah Stern, online at and it is cross posted below with permission. During a recent presentation, NPR...
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