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Chaz Chumley's picture
Chaz Chumley in Technology
28 Mar 2014
Almost every project we work on requires a method for capturing user information. In most cases we have a Contact form and in more general purposes the client requires additional forms for various reasons. In the past our go to for creating forms was the Webforms module. As requirements...
John Brandenburg in Technology
6 Mar 2014
This past fall I undertook my first content migration effort. This was to migrate an existing site from Expression Engine to Drupal 7. I immediately began looking at the Migrate module to learn it's use and here are some lessons I learned along the way. First of all, be aware that migrate is a...
William Hurley's picture
William Hurley in Technology
31 Jan 2014
There are a couple of scenarios we see on pretty much any Drupal-powered website we work on. The first and foremost among those is often that our client wants to, you know, actually be able to easily manage their content. At the same time we need to be able to fit their content into the information...
Keenan Holloway in Technology
17 Jan 2014
Even if you've never heard of Disqus before, you've almost certainly seen it. With slick social integration, support for a variety of platforms (including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Drupal) and a rapidly expanding user base, Disqus has become one of the most popular hosting services...
Matt Gibbs in Technology
7 Oct 2013
You may already know about Gravity Forms – the popular WordPress plugin for creating front-end input forms (typical use cases include contact forms, surveys, etc.). But what you may not know is that Gravity Forms can also be used for submitting posts and custom Post Type items. This allows...
Aaron Zinck's picture
Aaron Zinck in Technology
3 Oct 2013
The Node Access system in Drupal provides a powerful way to provide granular access to individual nodes, but it can occasionally cause unexpected problems. Consider a case I ran into the other day: I had a View that was supposed to show all files managed by Drupal, however some users could only see...
William Hurley's picture
William Hurley in Technology
18 Sep 2013
It's the minor things that get you into trouble sometimes. For instance, when I used drupal_http_request to do some proxying of content I ran into a little quirk of Drupal. If you get cookie headers back Drupal will go ahead and combine them all into a comma-separated list. If you look at...
John Brandenburg in Technology
2 Aug 2013
After you've been working with Drupal profiles for a while, the line between what functionality is a part of core Drupal and what comes from contributed modules tends to blur, but it is important to step back every once in a while and examine these distinctions. I recently had a wheel-spinning...
Keenan Holloway in Technology
31 Jul 2013
I gave this session at CapitalCampDC, to shed some light on to these aspects of Drupal. Panels, Panelizer and Panopoly can seem a bit overwhelming but this session will go over the best features of each one and how they can be invaluable tools. The Panels module alone offers so much out the box and...
John Brandenburg in Technology
1 Jul 2013
Although the Drupal Kaltura module (6.x-2.0-beta2) is great for most video play, it doesn’t always play nice with Organic Groups. Recently I was tasked with using the module on an existing Drupal 6 Commons site. The problem was that Kaltura media nodes do not automatically inherit the...
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