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Chris Wolz in Influence
11 Oct 2013
Recently I attended the Communications Network Fall 2013 Annual Conference in New Orleans, and had the opportunity to cover the event as a guest blogger with Philanthropy411. “So, what’s gumbo?” Nam-ho Park asked when the steaming bowl was put in front of him the night before the...
Tracey Breese in Influence
19 Feb 2013
Explaining the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to consumers outside the beltway can sometimes be like translating a foreign language. Health reform and health insurance exchanges can be tricky. An authoritative, credible online resource for this information is vital for state governments to provide their...
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Brian Verhoeven in Influence
5 Nov 2012
The book Humanize makes the case for innovating the way we lead and manage our organizations. It suggests that last century’s mechanical models of management have become outdated in today’s more social world, and our challenge now is to create more human organizations that are more...
Sarah Brooks in Influence
16 Jul 2012
We've all been there. Your boss walks up to your desk and has a great vision for what the team needs to accomplish, and it’s up to you to make it happen, and you don’t know where to start. Maybe it’s not your boss, maybe it’s a client, or maybe it’s your idea, but you...
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Kurt Voelker in Influence
27 Sep 2011
Here at Forum One, we love helping organizations make real progress on some of the world’s most pressing issues — education, poverty, the environment, global health, and international development (to name just a few). More often than not, a key to making that progress is connecting the...
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Michaela Hackner in Influence
25 Aug 2011
Ramadan is traditionally a time for Muslim families to come together, enjoy one another's company, and reconnect. With the exponential diffusion of mobile in the Middle East, technology played a much larger role in this year's annual festivities. Muslims used mobile technology to share greetings...
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Michaela Hackner in Influence
24 Aug 2011 is an international development organization renowned for it's emphasis on content strategy. After nearly 10 years since it's formal inception, most of us in the web strategy world are really starting to understand the critical role that content strategy plays in the overall...
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Michaela Hackner in Influence
29 Mar 2011
A few weeks ago I once again had the privilege of presenting at the Nonprofit Technology Conference on the topic of storytelling. During the last two conferences I've spoken on Putting Storytelling Strategy into Practice and The New Culture of Storytelling. This year I wanted my...
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Chris Wolz in Influence
16 Mar 2011
I had a chance to catch up with Tim Bonnemann of During our conversation, he mentioned how much of the recent focus of "open government" has been on transparency and open data, and he sees less attention to online consultations and online participation. And some of the...
Chris Wolz's picture
Chris Wolz in Influence
14 Mar 2011
One of the best sessions I've attended so far at the South by Southwest Interactive conference (SXSWi) was led by Beth Kanter on "Free Agents and Nonprofits in a Networked World." Beth and the panel spoke about how nonprofits can ramp up their impact by enlisting the efforts of "...
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