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Chris Rottler in Influence
25 Oct 2011
The diffusion of information and communication technology (ICTs) throughout the world is changing the face international development and global health in fundamental ways. Development practitioners and technologists have an array of new tools with the potential to solve age-old problems, but the...
Suzanne Rainey's picture
Suzanne Rainey in Influence
14 Oct 2011
This week, I attended a working group meeting at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Communication Programs that focused on knowledge management in the international development sector. We heard presentations by two KM thought leaders: Jay Liebowitz, Orkand...
Chris Rottler in Influence
10 Oct 2011
At Forum One, we take monitoring and evaluation (M&E) seriously, especially when it comes to measuring the success of digital communication campaigns. While we love data and establishing relevant indicators for initiatives that are sometimes hard to measure, we also love talking about these...
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Angela Milton in Influence
21 Sep 2011
Much of the current conversation among the international health community is focused on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs are medical conditions or diseases that are not spread by infection (e.g., lung disease or diabetes). The impact from these disease could be greatly reduced by healthier...
Chris Rottler in Influence
16 Sep 2011
Long gone are the days of print outs, folders, pamphlets and even books. E-readers are becoming a popular method for distributing information for not only popular books and magazines, but large data heavy organizations. Forum One Communications was recently commissioned by the Centers for Disease...
Suzanne Rainey's picture
Suzanne Rainey in Influence
15 Aug 2011
This summer, I had the pleasure of attending the InterAction Forum (#IAForum) here in Washington, D.C. One of my most pleasant surprises was the acknowledgement and engagement at a very senior level around data sharing and transparency within the global development sector. InterAction Executive...
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